TheVetCoachproject is about sharing professional veterinary experience. The questions asked to the contributing vets were: 1. When you would be given a global vet students’ audience, based on your experience, what would you advise them about starting their career? 2. When you had a daughter or son graduating veterinary medicine today, what would you like to share with them? 3. What would you have like to know when you graduated that nobody told you? 4. What career mistakes would you avoid if you could do it again, and what decisions would you repeat the same way?

The transition from university (veterinary school) into a professional career is a major change for all of us and we have learned a lot since, sometimes the hard way. What is lacking at graduation causing a lot of discomfort and insecurity, is the lack of experience.

Later in life, after you have progressed well beyond that phase, did not you ever think: "It would have been great had I known this when I graduated", "if only I had known", "Why did nobody tell me this?" or "it would have been nice if I had access to this knowledge and wisdom when I started".

VetCoachis a non-for-profit project that makes over 5,000 years of experience of veterinarians from all over the world available to graduating veterinary students. VetCoach editions are adapted to the national, regional or continental back ground of students by adapting the panel of contributing authors. For the first Spanish book, authors from Spain were added to the original collection for the English edition. TheVetCoach LA editionhas about 30% of the authors born and or based in Latin America, theVetCoach NA editionhas over 50% vets born and or based in North America and the Australasia edition has over 50% of authors born and or based in the geography.

An international survey among international students (participation (90%) showed overwhelming support by students forVetCoach: 98% of students consider the book a valuable resource, found contributions that were appealing to them and expect to still have the book in 5 years from now. Over 87% of respondents support the statement thatthey cannot think of a better gift at graduation! Verbatim statements confirm that the project addresses issues that are in the hearts and minds of graduating new colleagues.

The vision of theVetCoachproject can only become reality with the support of financial and logistic partners in the project. VetCoach is grateful to recognize the support to the first European English edition (2,500 books) byHills Pet Nutrition(Europe) andMerial (EMEA), the first Spanish edition (3,000 books) byMerial Spain, to the first Spanish Latin American edition (2,000 books) byProcter and Gamble LA, Iams & Eukanuba, and the VetCoach NA edition (2250 books), the VetCoach e-book (available in Amazon) as well as the first VetTeam Coach books (2400 books) have been supported by VCA Animal Hospitals. byVCA Animal Hospitals. Distribution to Belgian students is supported by Laroy Duvo, and to Dutch students by AUV Groep Cuijk and the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association (KNMvD).  The Australasia edition (1600 books) been generoulsly sponsored by ProVet and By Merial. Merial Canada has made VetCoach books available to many students in Canada for several years now.

We invite companies to contactVetCoachto discuss opportunities to support future editions in order to reach the vision and get a book into the hand of each graduating veterinary student. Please contact us.

VetCoach is a non-for-profit project of Uppertunity