• Jevring Back Caroline VetCoach080816 photo400
  • Gerosa Roberto VetCoach080507 portrait400
  • Egner Beate VetCoach08029 photo400
  • Ogilvie Greg VetCoach080109 Gregpuppy400
  • Morales Cesar VetCoach090815 photo 400
  • Dr. Caroline Back-Jevring. Industry, former practice manager.
  • Dr. Roberto Gerosa Retired university professor and practitioner.
  • Dr. Beate Egner Enterpreneur, and former practitioner.
  • Dr. Greg Ogilvie Practitioner specialist, and former university professor.
  • Dr. Morales Congress and event organizer.

New contributors. VetCoach is constantly looking for new contributors to the project. Did you graduate from a veterinary faculty or university and more than 5 years ago? That makes you by definition a candidate to contribute your experience to VetCoach. Pleasecontact VetCoach . We also highly appreciate your help in identifying other colleagues around the world who you think might be able to contribute valuable and/or significant experiences. These can be individuals in all kind of veterinary professional responsibilities, as well as veterinarians who have left the veterinary career tract and are pursuing another career. There is a positive discrimination for women because of the high number of female students in vet schools around the world today. We will be pleased to invite them to participate, based on your recommendation. Please send your recommendation to us via e-mail and may be the motivation why you think this individual should be approached.  Remember, everybody is welcome. VetCoach is about “famous” vets, as well as local practitioners, professors, part-time vets, researchers and alternative career achievers. Don't forget to include up-to-date contact information. Thank you in anticipation of your support to VetCoach

New sponsors In case you are working with a company that might be interested to support a future VetCoach edition, please do not hesitate to take initiative and contact us. We will be happy to work with all companies that support the VetCoach vision “to get a VetCoach book” into the hand of each graduating veterinary student”.  We are looking for opportunities to make language editions for (among others) for Italy,  France, Germany, Poland, Japan, Brasil, Russia and China and we work on an English edition for the USA. Pleasecontact me. Thank you in anticipation of your support to VetCoach

Editor Dr. Richard C. Nap, DVM, Ph.D, Dipl. ECVS and Dipl. ECVCN